And my another idea – maybe we could change some things in Lexmark software? Anyway I’ll try it. I guess thousends people count on that it will be work! I still have this printer and refill the cartidges and works awsome. You sad that soldering empty eeprom made your printer work with used cartridges how long do you think it can last?

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The problem only seems to affect lx 29, i have successfully refilled the high yileds with no problem.

Ink Cartridge Colour Compatible With Lexmark X X X X X | eBay

A few weeks ago put in a color cartridge regular 29 and the printer is already “using” the ink, even though I have not printed very much, if anything, in color. It uses the lexmar and 34 carts.

lexmarm All they would have to do to refurbish the cartridge is replace the contact strip. I don’t know where cartidge level is stored. Good luck – unknown. I have a Lexmark X that I am having the same problems as discussed above. The only problem is that it should work again when you put in new ink.

Lexmark Using Inkjet Cartridge Chips AND Spyware?

I would know since I had to fix about Epson C84 printers for my school district. I have found the answer. Thanks for your post. Is there any way to test chip in cartridge to find out what type it is? Blocked access to “Lexmark connect time executable”, “Printer card trasfer monitor”, and “Printer device monitor”. I looked at the pictures of the disected cartridge and there doesnt appear to be anything conductive inside the cartridge, so that means everything is in the contact strip you pealed off.


Thanks Ekidokai for bringing me on the right way. Boy did they get another ear full. So whats best here?

That’s all for now. After my black cartridge 36 has run out, I try to use the refilled one but can’t use it. I’ve tried similar thing earlier and described in this thread. Wait 20 lexmarrk and then turn it back on.

Got online with Lexmark support, walked through all the same steps I’d already taken, to be told that the printer has failed. That one had me laughing! On my Lexmark X, I tried covering the top left contact on the original black cart. I have done all the cleaning etc, very rarely it will work after that, installing a brand new cartridge will correct the problem. The Lexkark site says that their printers don’t contain ink-sensing gauges — that it’s all mathematically computed — and that the ink levels are written to the win.

Ink Cartridge Colour Compatible With Lexmark X 2500 X 2510 X 2530 X 2550 X 3310

Do not buy Lexmark series. Installation disc said series, so I checked Lexmark’s site and found 34 was the hi-cap cart for x series. Refilling A Print Cartridge The printer now thinks that it is a new cartridge. Refurbishing involves replacing the lexmadk strip, so the chip could be under it or attached to it.


Of course that may also cause it not to work, but the area to concenrrate on is the cartridge because it is telling the printer it is dead.

I am using a 35 that just registered the cartridge warning. I did not test, since this is the first time I have had a newer Lexmark, however, it stands to reason that any other scenario would allow reuse by someone else, in which case we would start a reusers group and swap cartridges, not to mention the resellers paying us for empties so they could refill and sell them, which is the main problem for Lexmark and why they have done this. Lemark am completely done with lexmark for the rest of my life.