This page was last modified on 6 July , at Most convertible tablets include a rotate screen button so that users can manually adjust the screen from landscape to portrait mode; the Active Rotate feature on the X60 Tablet uses the computer’s internal accelerometer to detect the tablet’s angle and adjust the screen position accordingly. It has some registers called PCRs that are used for trusted platform attestation. Trusted Platform assurance with a TPM 1. Said Michelle of these features:.

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The advertised weight of X60 tablet includes the weight of Lenovo’s standard four cell.

It can sign tp using bit RSA keys. Biometrics — the “who you are” part of multi-factor security — are especially useful in certain verticals where tablets apply.

Whenever I’ve wandered elsewhere, I longed for my Thinkpads’ keyboards and Trackpoint pointing sticks.

Lenovo’s X60 Thinkpad: A perfect balance of tablet portability, notebook functionality?

Others required a reboot to DOS. In addition you will need some something like TrouSerSwhich your distribution may have packaged as tpm-tools. Storage Driver Operating System Released 2. It is non-trivial to get the PCR c60 a desired value based only on its previous contents and the desired target value.

For example, sometimes, my system will hang and it will appear as though the freeze has something to do with what’s coming over the wireless network. Views Read View source View history. Hardware radio toggling, which appears in other notebooks I’ve used, has in some cases “cleared” the problem without having to reboot.

Although it’s not true of the entire Yonah family of processors, both the L and L processors include Intel’s VT hardware-based virtualization technology and Execute Disable Bit. A Sony Vaio there. This page has been accessed lenovvo, times.


ThinkVantage Password Manager 4. In other words, for desktops and notebooks, steer clear of chips lacking the XD technology. Now, Lenovo has achieved a degree of intergration between its Web site and its customers’ systems that takes all of the friction out of keeping an X60 or any other Leonvo fresh with the latest drivers.

One way the chip offers to achieve this is by providing storage for keys penovo with the necessary functions to handle them within itself, so that a for example a private key never has to leave the penovo can’t be seen by any piece of software. To avoid that, a TPM inside the northbridge is needed. New versions of the specifications around the trusted platform support specifications like TPM 1. Another compelling reason to consider Lenovo’s Thinkpads has to do with their system update technologies.

The Embedded Security Subsystem 2. The eight-cell battery weighs 1.

Embedded Security Subsystem – ThinkWiki

Not even an external optical drive is included in in the base cost which means you have to add one. It is an integral part of most of the modern ThinkPads. The ThinkPad BIOS measures the boot loader and stores the relevant data on PCR registers and the TPCA log, so if one adds a trusted boot loader to the system like trusted-grubone can load a trusted operating system and from there, trusted userspace applications, etc.

For example, in addition to the aforementioned XD security technology in the Duo Core, all of the X60 tablets are equipped with a Trusted Platform Module TPM and a fingerprint reader for biometric-driven authentication and access control.


Recently, my Thinkpad had some hardware problems that adversely impacted the Penovo to the point that, even though I had not activated it for system authentication, it had self-activated x600 I was unable to get past it during the boot-up process making diagnosis of the problem difficult if not impossible.

x60, TPM and Bitlocker – Lenovo Community

But if the system is hung, the software to shut the radio off to see if that’s lenovvo problem is inaccessible. The radios in the Thinkpad T42 that I current use can only be deactivated through software which sometimes doesn’t work. Client Security Solution 7. In addition to benefits such as in-hardware storage of cryptographic keys TCG standards have some drawbacks.

It was first introduced among the T23 models and is now under the name “Embedded Security Subsystem 2. XD, a hardware-based security technology that battles certain types of malware, is worth having given the way the software enabler of it — Windows’ Data Execution Protection DEP — has stopped some zero day exploits dead in their tracks.

The unit furnished to CNET’s reviews department was an engineering sample that may have included unfinished software drivers. This way, when the keyboard’s escape button is buried under the display when in tablet modethere’s an easy way to back out of menus and dialogs that may have been activated with your finger or the stylus.