Procedure 4 Replacement Check If the stereo speakers don’t sound properly, the stereo speakers may be defective or damaged. If the diagnostics program cannot detect an error, the problem may be intermittent. Turn the computer upright. To access this remove the keyboard following the instructions in section 4. Hot keys are not wake up source of standby, suspend to RAM and Hibernate states. Disassemble the computer following the steps described in Chapter 4, Replacement Procedures and replace the socket.

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The internal pointing device is always enabled. This indicates which modules need to be removed to access the module needing cokpal. Modularized battery pack, easy to be replaced. Removing the display assembly 1. Offset Description 0 1: The size is fixed to KB. If these function correctly, go to Procedure 3.

The following is a table of the state transitions in ACPI mode. Removing the mouse cover board Chapter 4.


AC Adapter Charger Power for Compal Cy25 14.1 Notebook

Remove the LCD array and place face down. Let me ask you this: Testing and Troubleshooting The purpose of this chapter is to provide a systematic method of isolating problems you may have with the ACY25 series Acy5 Computer.

Please see section 5. Spare Parts A-1 2 Chapter 1. Gently pull on the cable to make sure the cable is secure. Check 1 Use a multimeter to make sure that the fuses on the system board are not blown.

Before going through the flowchart steps, verify the following: The following sub-options are all requires the Administrator password for changes and should be grayed out if the user password was used to enter setup. If the malfunction persists, go to Check 4. You can’t post answers that contain an email address. If an error is detected by the main battery test, cimpal the Power Supply Troubleshooting procedures in Section Extended Memory This field reports the memory size of the extended memory in the system.



Detach the keyboard cable and remove the keyboard. Detach the FDD brace. Control by OS 1: Hardware Major Sub-assembly Specification 4. Detach the speaker cables from the audio board. Detaching the fan Chapter Disconnect the microphone jack Ady25. Unit number is a number from to and is incremented for each unit produced.

Read kaa/compal-service-manual

Sweeping across the TouchPad causes the window to move. Check 5 Replace the CPU with another of the same specifications.

Battery fully charged by AC Battery abnormal: Connector Description Electrical specification Symbol Min. Fan off Chapter Offset Description B0h 0 1: The process is outlined in Figure