The gt68xx backend is BETA software. Once you have installed the backend, have a look at man sane-gt68xx for backend-specific information and man sane-usb for general USB information, e. Then go to get firmware. When you download the gt68xx backend for the first time , use SANE 1. When you want to update to a new version, just unpack the gt68xx backend in the sane-backends directory of a snapshot and run make distclean;.

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The sudo part just means “do this as an administrator” it is kinda a safeguard so that you don’t so bad things to system related stuff on accident. If the line is not scanner issue, you may want to write a bug report to SANE developers.

In that case, you may also need backend 1. If the scan head of your scanner doesn’t move back to its home position e. I’m no longer active in developing SANE drivers. The firmware is not hosted on my pages, so no guarantees Yes, you guess right.

Precompiled packages are usually called “libsane” or “sane-backends”. Try override “artec-ultima”, sold by Tesco UK. Hi, My wife used this scanner under XP before.


Scanning in Linux (BearPaw 1200 CU Plus on Fedora 11)

Calibration is not available, area selection is limited – positioning does currently not work. You may need to create this directory.

I don’t have permission to provide firmware files from other vendors, however. An alternative and rather ugly way is to keep the distribution’s sane and xsane packages and to overwrite the sane installation by running configure in the gt68xx package with arguments like this: Firmware is the name of the firmware file that was provided by the vendor.

If you still have problems after doing all this, try to change de the. If you have compiled your own SANE from source and if you want to use XSane or any other graphical frontendI recommend removing the distribution’s sane and xsane packages bear;aw and compile XSane from source.

Thanks for any help in advance. Don’t forget to logout and login again after that. Run “xsane” or “scanimage –dont-scan”.

You really need the firmware file for your specific scanner. All else did work and I linuxx know how many times I kept copying the firmware to the directory mentioned I guess I was tired when downloading the firmware, because I didn’t see this: There are two ways to get your scanner detected: Done everything like described above on linux mint Thanks to them, and all the other contributors for all their work.


Product nearpaw 0x works, use override “artec-ultima”. Problems can arise when your hardware device is too old or not supported any longer. I can’t help you with this operating system. It’s not a SANE backend but a stand-alone command line and graphical tool.

Mustek Products – BearPaw CU Plus II

Thanks in advance, Mina. I sometimes take my old scanner with me on the road and needed to add it to my Ubuntu installation so here is a quick rundown of what I did, as much for me as for you. Testing is done with Linux. This page describes the gt68xx backend. When you download the gt68xx backend for the first timeuse SANE 1.

I sent the scanner to my parents almost after getting it worked under Linux. It’s fixed in backend version 1.